BFO326 – It’s All Mexican to Me

Hola! El Gordo nattero mucho y haso voicelettero foro the listernso.  Happyo Tuesdayo!



  1. what would be our day without you BF? Thank YOU for all the effort and brilliant work you do!

  2. I was going to comment on the Kim Beaver song but then you said you had crusty nipples and I about threw up in my mouth. Ewwww…..that’s a bit TMI. But funny! I hope they feel better soon.

  3. If you’re going to make us wait for that story, it better be worth it! 🙂

  4. Honey, if you want to sell that cd of yours you better put up your webstore soon!!!

  5. Wow! From Kim Beaver yodeling to crusty nips – you really are the “Dirty Ed Sullivan” of podcasting! (Look That one up on Urban Dictionary Ricky!)

  6. The safety word for today’s episode is “teeth.”

  7. Wow, BF, that was quite the announcement for Ricky going to LA. I’m going to be in LA starting the 14th, where’s my announcement??? (=

  8. Well they are Big Fatty’s nipples after all, who wouldn’t want to leave them all crusty? Reminds me of my sordid past…

  9. Who doesn’t love Kim Beaver – she is so wonderful!

    Crusty nipples – Love the pic that Kim did for them on her site!