BFO341 – I Have It On Good Authority…

The Fat One is back in the Fat Cave and details his travel day before beginning to recap the weekend.  There’s confusion over Gentlemen Callers just as the ending music begins.  More lurid details on Hump Day <evil grin>.



  1. “Was it Friday?… Or Saturday? No, Friday – oh yes Saturday. Oh dear gussie, where are my teeth?..”

    Hilarious 🙂

  2. Clearly, someone had his brains effed out in the Chicagoes. 🙂

  3. So many gentleman callers,so much success – and all thanks to the sheepanties 🙂

  4. I’ve been to the Detroit aeropuerto…the red monorail is cool…but did you get a chance to go through the tunnel that connects the two terminals? Very cool…colorful lights, futureistic music…Its one of my favorite aeropuertos! Good shoppin’ too (=

  5. Oh, of course we do vote for your picture on the tonyawards – but you didn’T say anything about five stars….

  6. yes – he has the perfect broad shoulders but on that picture he looks like he is a bit vertically challenged

  7. NOTE TO SELF: 3 day orgies seem to be the cataylist of my CRS,yet my math skills are still razor sharp…must limit orgies to 2 days unless Crisco is involved.

  8. Did you make it over to the Eagle? (insert “BA-KAW!” here)