BFO344 – It’s Like Gumby

It’s Friday and Miss Wes from Live It Up! is headed to town to start the BBQ-eating tour of the South!  There are plenty of surprises on today’s show.  Happy weekend and look for Chicargo Hootenanny photos at Noon eastern today!



  1. So glad you liked the gift:) Now you and Miss Wes can have fun together and bake a little bit.

    Oh my, I guess LurryLovebug and I are like Siamese twins who are connected at their crazy personalities 🙂

  2. You may have to keep a close eye on those new utensils… they’ve got legs (and belly buttons, I might add).

    I’m so honored that my sweet Cousin Kim Beaver and I share the same mind. I laughed out loud when I heard what was in the other box!

  3. MY brother visited, and now I can’t find MY 6’9 -22″x 2.5″ McCoy Surboard