BFO362 – Buddy Dump

The Fat One chats about several podcasts before playing all the voiceletters in the bag phone.  Time to get on the horn everyone!!!



  1. BF,have you been hiking with Governer Sanford?

  2. Meow, that was a good show, meowwwwww

  3. Poor Big Fatty, he gets confused!

    No, I didn’t send you the suggestion for the I-phone name. However, I think this is a blatant cry for me to send you more stuff via the e-letters! Now that I know you like kittens so much I know just what to send ya!

    BTW, who knew that “hiking on the Appalachian Trail” really meant “brown chicken, brown cow”!

    Love ya,

    Tim in Tampa

  4. Iphone=homo hotline?