BFO377 – Courtin’ and Sparkin’

It’s Hump Day and Big Fatty turns his focus to Larry the Lurker.  Plus there’s BREAKING NEWS and an admission that the Fat One misses Kim Beaver.



  1. I’m hoping to land in the Chucktown by the 1th of August – here’s hoping for a hootenanny weekend with The Fat One and the Larrys.

    And you don’t have to poke me twice… I’ve scrawled a message in mud on the walls of the Beaver Lodge. I miss our Faroese friend too!

  2. Aww – you are soo sweet!!!! I love you Lurry – and you, too BigFatty!

    Oh, and I have to say that my return wasn’t a day too early. Good Lord, BigFatty, how can you say that you turn into your father?

    It obviously takes the objectiveness of the Lesbian Eye to clarify this misperception.