BFO381 – Tireless Companion

The Fat One reads some e-letters before he talks a little serious (not much) about “being remembered” and playing a special voiceletter.



  1. once again you brought me to tears

  2. YOU are going to have THE best funeral! Can’t Wait!!!

  3. Oh Bob, all that gross Southern food will keep him alive at least another 45 years.
    Ask LurryDean 🙂

  4. Any day that Jeremiah calls in is podcast GOLD!! I LOVE him!!!

  5. Only natural that Jeremiah does the eulogy.

  6. Love the Jeremiah call!!!

    Here’s hoping it’s many many years before your funeral.

    But I’m ready when you are…….


  7. I agree with everyone else… Jeremiah rocks 🙂

    And don’t talk about funerals, Big Fatty, you’re going to live forever 🙂