BFO406 – Leola, Gladys and Elleanor

It’s a big trip down “Memory Lane” today as the Fat One has his childhood jiggled.  There’s lots of nattering and even a probable Sing Along “Memory Lane” music selection.


Sorry the show is late.  Not sure what happened.  BF


  1. Ruined! Now what is Archerr supposed to listen to while eatting his cherrios?

  2. Seriously! Nothing showed up in my iTunes this morning. What will I listen to while eating my cheerios?

  3. Finally! Okay, everything is okay again. I was able to eat my Cherrios. And I’ll have you know my tits aren’t that big…plus, my kids are too old to suckle. hehehe

  4. oops…spelled Cheerios wrong. Oh well

  5. God – I much do I love the DoubleSpeed on my touch 🙂
    No, honestly, I enjoyed hearing about your early years 🙂

  6. I used to have the Weekly Reader, too. It’s a product of Reader’s Digest. I almost got a job with them last year, but they suck and decided to not hire me (=

  7. A job designing the Weekly Reader, I mean.