BFO425 – Two Decades Ago

The Fat One recaps the weekend and what was going on 20 years ago when Hurricane Hugo passed over Charleston.  It’s “Memory Lane” of a different type.  Happy Last Day of Summer (Winter in the Southern Hemisphere)!



  1. I would never unsubscribe – thank goodness you survived that night with Hugo.

  2. Oh Lord – Mary, you freak me out!!! I am all worried about you!
    LIsten to the BEAVER!!!!!! Please, for the love of God!!!!!!

  3. You on a bicycle.

    Poor, poor bicycle.

  4. Enjoyed the memories of Hugo. I can just picture Big Fatty, the day after the storm, riding through the destruction on his bicycle just like Miss Gulch.

  5. What was that station you were on again? All rap, all the time? Yes, it’s KRAP

    Might have guessed!