BFO426 – BBQ Meats

The Fat One natters a bit more about Hurricane Hugo before heading down into the Fat Cave and playing some voiceletters.  Happy first day of Spring in the Southern Hemisphere (Fall in the Northern one.)



  1. Congratulations to guru-nudie 🙂 He has to take a picture with that T-Shirt on so that we all can see it (he can burn it afterwards, no probl.) – although, I think that you already played that call from your pretty grandson on the last show.

    Ah, never mind, the whole thing is rigged anyway 🙂

  2. We weren’t even drunk!
    Guru Nudie can thank us for being callers 597, 598, and 599 (=

  3. ha, what do you mean “no manipulation”?
    despite my countless calls I have never won a fatshirt, NEVER!


  4. Did I sound bitter? Good Lord no! I just never win in any lottery. Never. I even lost the Little Miss Buttermilk contest. Scarred for life – just saying. Sorry dear. I know that you are completely unbiased.

  5. I’m very disappointed you did not use audio clips from The Sea Hags show on how they live high up on hill….


  6. Pretty Grandson. Hehe 🙂

  7. I have a fat shirt! With BBQ stains on it too! Too bad Big Fatty is on it. I was caller 300!

    I watch 30 Rock, South Park, and Project RunGAY on my DVR but none of those quiz programs. I think they are terrible. Unlike Walt and Holly…