BRO432 – The Long-Awaited Phone Call

It’s the last day of September and Big Fatty tries to remember to play a very special phone call or 4.  Have a great hump day.



  1. Good Lord, how impressed would Jeremiah be if he saw the BF’s kinky kiwis …

  2. Is this SORDID LIVES with Jeremiah today? 🙂 This guy needs an own podcast, just sayin… 🙂

  3. with subtitles of course

  4. on your knees again? Is it already Friday?

  5. Oh Lord, I cannot turn my back for a minute! Now you have made it to the British tabloid headlines again!!! I wonder if Steve in the UK already knows about this.

  6. Yikes! Kim is prolific in the comments today.

    I loved the call from Jeremiah. I can’t wait for the next call. Dear gussy! 16 inches?! Lord!

  7. Rolling, rolling, rolling, keep those doggies moving, RAWHIDE! OMG! Jeremiah leaves me speechless!

  8. Oh, Dear Gussie……….

    And fabulous burp at the end. Did you turn up the bass for that?

  9. I’m sure I speak for Theresa when I say thanks for playing Jeremiah’s message. No need to unsubscribe afterall.

  10. Yes! No UNSUBSCRIBING today. Thanks Jeremiah, for more podcasting GOLD!!

  11. Loved that Jeremiah. Hope he calls back soon. By the way, gasoline is about $3.07 here.

  12. Gas is $2.02 here is South Mississippi today. However, the walmart has opened a filling station in town. For the past month there has been a gas price war. And for the record, RAWHIDE is my favorite haunt while in New Orleans. BF the bathroom does still have the big open urinal and of course the private bathroom for more involved gatherings. Most things you have heard about Rawhide are true. It was the first homosexual watering hole I ever attended. The chaser bartender (justin) jumped over the bar and ran after me on the street. That was way back in the year of our Lord 2001. After that, I was hooked!

  13. Gasoline in Nutmeg land is running about $2.59.

    Gawd save Jeremiah. He out-Southerns most Southerners 🙂

  14. “The Fantasticks” is not now, and never has been, a Broadway show. It is an Off-Broadway show.

  15. I never went to the Rawhide in New Orleans. Just went to The Phoenix and Cafe Lafitte’s. Have I got a story…