BFO469 – Mechanical Butthole

Dear Gussie!  Big Fatty got so much response from the Thursday show that he has a footnote for today’s trainwreck.  Plus there’s a trip into the Fat Cave and some special items sent to Big Fatty which he’s added to his Chrima list.  See you at Patrick’s Pub Online tonight for the Leather Horror event AFTER the 7PM Eastern recording of the Little Fatty Cast on



  1. Yes, a person who receives two and a half gentlemen callers a day desperately needs another mechanical butthole 🙂

    I wonder if there is a version for the Lesbians with lots of nuts and bolts to skrew around 🙂

  2. Nice to hear things back to normal……

    Dull and in poor taste.

  3. How do you receive half a gentleman caller, he stick it through your letterbox! Oh my!

    See Auntie Vera it can get even further into the gutter 🙂

    Think of me as saving you all from the gory details of the said Gentleman Caller,
    because without my content maybe the fat one would have to have gone into horror-ific detail 🙂

  4. That is too funny! Georgia has one of them tax free hollardays here too for school stuff. Guns….I have to say no, I don’t believe we have had one of them.

    Edible anus…hmmm. I guess everything is better…on the hole! LMAO!