BFO472 – Out of Both Ends

Big Fatty starts just after a Gentleman Caller leaves so he’s a little congested.  There’s a visit to the Fat Cave, an unexpected phone caller and an update about Cockermouth being flooded in Cumbria.  Dear Gussie!



  1. “Al-you-mini-yum”

  2. Naught to the Nought,



    Steve in the UhK

    (Sadly not near Cockermouth or Cumbria LOL)

  3. OHHH! It’s a Brit Throw-down!!!!!

    Do it naked! Do it naked!!!

  4. Maybe Al-you-mi-knee-yum Steve
    Definately- AL-YOU-MINNIE-UM

  5. Just so long as it’s not pronounced “Ah-loo-min-umm”

  6. I did not know that you would fly to the Atlantas – I hope they will serve you some nuts

  7. Oh, dear, we’ve set Aunti Vera off…
    She probably wants two of us althletic British males to strip down to our supple, Britannic birthday suits, oil up, and wrestle naked in front of a roaring open fire like they did in that movie of “Women In Love” where they cut it wrong so it looks more like the two blokes were playing a game of “Colonel Wobbly loses his helmet.”

    Nah, I’m sure she wouldn’t want that.

  8. Sounds more like Benny Hill boys.

  9. oh dear – from now on I will pay attention – I promise