BFO474 – We Don’t Eat the Wheat Chex

It’s a natterfest and the train goes off the tracks FAST and OFTEN.  Get your pencils ready for a special version of a holiday favorite (favourite in the UK and the Southern hemisphere).  Happy Lacist Friday!



  1. Nice ringtone.

  2. You have the sweetest giggle and when you laugh you always make me smile 🙂
    Oh, is Miss Kitty a lesbian? Her voice is soooooooo hot, it gave the Beaver the shivers this morning – and how much do we all love the morning shivers 🙂

  3. The BF seems to have his happy head on at the moment!

  4. Hey BF! I love the poster(boy) you created for the Atlanta meet&greet! Very attractive model, nice colors and obviously enough Wes goodness for all of you 🙂
    Will lesbians be admitted or do I have to crash again?

  5. Tofurkey! No! noooo!!! No I did NOT have the tofurkey for the thanksgivin’! ick! I had multiple meatless side dishes.

  6. This was a great show and I am only a month behind now!

    You and I totally agree on Chex Mix except I am not a fan of Cheerios in it and do not like mix nuts either.