BFO500 – 166.67 Hours

The Fat Once celebrates his 500th episode with a story of BF love downunder and a few corrections and updates plus ANOTHER Chrima card.  Happy First Day Back at the Coalmine.


  1. How did this pass me by? I didn’t realise till I was downloading the show that you had hit 500 shows!

    Wow, you’d think the government might have passed a law by now 🙂

    Well done on 500 shows, looking forward to the next 500, then you can quit, like Archerr 🙂

    Thank you BF!

    Steve in the UhK

  2. Congrats on the 500th podcast. And I doubt you’ll quit at 1000 like Steve in the UK says.

  3. Congratulations dear!

    500 is quite an achievement!

  4. Happy 500 Big Fatty! Love ya, keep ’em coming 🙂

  5. If you wear those bedroom shoes outside of the bedroom are they still called bedroom shoes?

  6. Comgrats on 500th show!

    Truly amazing!

    I laughed out loud while grocery shopping listening to this show!