BFO502 – Str8 Bob’s Boobs

Big Fatty has a personal appeal to you on behalf of his Str8 boyfriend.  It’s kinda unusual but what do you expect from BF’s Str8 BF.  But there’s a surprise and some voiceletters too so a little something for everyone.  Happy 1st Hump Day of 2010.


  1. Sorry for ruining the show,my letter to BF was supposed to be private.

  2. Don’t worry Bob – nobody will listen to this anyway 🙂

    Nice boobs, btw 🙂

  3. My dear BF, I paused the podcast to do as you asked! I have not gotten a card from you yet.

  4. Why did I go to those three websites after eating a tempeh bacon quesadilla?

  5. I DID IT

    I am finally caught up on your show and listening to this episode right now as I write this!

    It was an amazing marathon and loved every second of your show!

    Keep up the great work and happy 2010!

    The boob site made me barf a little too! 🙂

  6. Heinous.

  7. Not sure if I understand this whole Str8 boyfriend thang. -It strikes me as somewhat of a paradox.