BFO523 – Cold Shower

FINALLY, the Fat One gets through all the #1 entries and tells you about the last tidbit of the weekend’s events.  Don’t forget that tomorrow is the LAST DAY to get your name in the colostomy bag!  Happy Thursday.


  1. Damn – if the cuntry boy wes weighs in his inches in this darn contest –
    I am clearly at a disadvantage… :€


  2. Love the Andy Warhol fart artwork. Now you’re gettin’ artsy “fartsy” on us.

  3. I am not entering the #1 competition, as i am already #0 fan.
    And if you have to ask how much i love the BF, you’ll never know.

  4. omgosh! i played 17:45 minutes into this over and over. you should make this a ringtone. your little growl in the ‘dare’ was hilarious!!

  5. BF, why haven’t you called it the Buper Sowl this year?

  6. Oh I’m sorry I didn’t send a graphic for the anniversararium show!! Miss L needs to plan ahead!