BFO535 – In the Underworld

Dear Gussie there are a couple of phone calls in support of Jeremiah’s podcast but he writes an e-letter to express his disappointment from the lack of responses.  YOU can still make a difference and call TODAY at 206-337-1438 and show support.  In addition to that, the Fat One talks about the coupon and more.  Many thanks to Miss LaLaLaLauren for today’s excellent new artwork.


  1. This must be the best showart for the bigfattiest of all segments. Congratulations Miss Lauren. You are a real artist!

  2. Jeremiah, come on, stop playing “hard to get” and start your podcast now.

  3. What kind of a cruel god creates a large, beautiful man , and puts him on a part of a planet that does not yet have frozen pizza, or home delivery!!!!!
    My faith is being tested yet again!!!!!