BFO553 – Deary O’Gussie

It’s St. Patty’s Day and the Fat One has a little jig for you before playing a recreation of a Jeremiah message and a voiceletter from a lurker.  Enjoy your Irish Flex Day.


  1. Ballykissangel!!!!
    The intro music is the best!!!!
    The highlight of my Saturday nights for years.
    PBS Big Fatty,PBS.

  2. Oh yeah,forgot… a young Colin Farrell had a good size roll in Bally K.
    Got ya attention now ,didn’t I

  3. I had no idea Jeremiah was so big and fat!

  4. What, am I to understand that because of your seniors league meeting for
    rhythmic gymnastics this weekend there will be no LFC?

    Meh 🙁

  5. Seriously. Seriously. The WORST Irish accent I have ever heard in my life. Seriously.

  6. Oh dear gussy, BF’s Irish accent sounded more like an Italian guy who’s a bit too drunk off Guiness.

  7. Forgive me, for I did not sign my Irish name on the last comment.
    -LaLa O’Lauren

  8. Well, forget it! If you’re not going to Disneyland Gay Days then neither am I! I’ll have to figure out someplace else to wear my WWJD (What Would Jujubee Do) red t-shirt. And, by the way, is “RuPaul’s Drag Race” on the game shows rotation at Chez Fatty?