BFO556 – Vile Sheers

It’s “Steven from Wisconsin Week” and it starts off with a review of the weekend, a surprise and news of the 2010 Gay Days trip.  Happy National Celery Month.


  1. LEGEND!!!!! Is there no limits to this guys stamina???
    He introduces G.C. Larry to his M.R. gentleman caller,and it’s on for young and old. AGAIN!!!!!
    I heard something about Murphy’s oil and moving furniture,thank Allah I don’t live below,no sleep for those people I’m sure.
    I’m hanging around a bit longer just to try and get my name in the book when it comes out.

  2. Should have been…Is there no limit to this guys stamina?
    (he’s a machine,we know..)

  3. I am sore just from listening to this. Good heavens!!!

  4. Eg skilji K.B.

  5. Eg leiti eftir kalt bru´sa

  6. Should have been…”this guy’s stamina?”

  7. nyumnyumnyumbitohoneynyumnyum 🙂

  8. What is ya ignorant Str8t Bob?