BFO562 – Rabbit Poop

The Fat One explains the PAssover traditions as he knows them before recapping the weekend, the new furniture and a look at the Quiz Programs.  Happy National Peanut Month.


  1. Well, I guess the most important and wished for feature of the BigFatApp would be the mute button

  2. (when you belch and tell us what you have eaten e. g.)

  3. Could one be made that interrupts the program with a buzzing when a gentleman caller enters a 500 yd radius of the Fatcave?

  4. …I’ll put the time machine project on hold and see what I can do if you already don’t have one.Doh!

  5. I have listened to the show because I am in Oklahoma wandring the streets. Which is irrelevant.

    I read the title and thought back to my residence before my current one and it made me think of, what else? Rabbits.

    I used to throw the parts of the vegetables we didn’t eat in the yard. Well, one winter after the snow melted I walked in the back yard and it was full of rabbit turds.

    Sorry – we tried talking the vegetables pieces away from the house but they tracked I back I am guessing because they were always hanging out around the house.

    I am sure that your title is named because you have a story similar to mine.

    In case you haven’t heard lately, you’re fat!

    (Course I am still fatter than I thought I was).

  6. Extremities go numb, huh? Do they swell up first?


  7. Oh. And I heard the Breaking News….at double speed you can still hear shit.