BFO580 – I Had a Banana

The week concludes with the coupon, sing-a-long “Memory Lane” music and some special items in the P.O. Box.  Also, according to Mr. VEDER, there WILL be a LFC at 7pm EDT.


  1. WooHoo!!! BF has delivered 🙂 My day can start now 🙂

  2. It’s Uncle Fester you poor old twat.

  3. Vera knows because he was in kindergarden with her

  4. Cousin It was a hairy—hairy top to, uh, toe, like a walking wig. THING was the hand. How COULD you not know the Addams Family members.,hm? You’re older than me!!

  5. Well, even though you clearly don’t know the Addams Family members from a hole in the ground (HOLE? That sounds VULGAH!), you should come up to NYC to see the Addams Family show on Broadway with the Nathan Lane and the Bebe Neuwirth. High-larious!

  6. I believe I didn’t get anything from Miss Kathy Bacon. Are you holding out on me?