BFO583 – California Brittle

It’s CLEARLY a Full Moon as today’s show is full of craziness… from MyFace requests from dead people to voiceletters from HATlanta, it’s enough to overheat your brain.  YAWN!


  1. It’s DARK Chocolate California Brittle. NOT MILK Chocolate!!! DARK DARK DARK Chocolate, Dammit!!!!!!!

  2. Meh! I wanted to buy you those feet shoes 🙁 Maybe not exactly those…

  3. There better be a Happy-Hump-Day wish in this podcast, cuz I love redundant & you!

  4. BF, how very dare you insinuate that, being a Briton, the food I eat is vile.
    We Brits are the only nation who know the CORRECT way to curry a black pudding.

  5. It truly is a full moon of Horrah, based on my week at work. Maybe I should wear some toe shoes to work tomorrow.

  6. Not only has Charles Nelson Reilly friended me on Facebook, he’s been posting updates regularly!! Spooooooky….