BFO600 – The Cul-de-sac is Abuzz

Dear Gussie it’s Friday and show 600.  Today’s trainwreck is filled with voiceleters, surprises and an Intertubes update.  Happy weekend.


  1. Good Lord! We have survived 600 of these! UNBELIEVABLE!!!!
    Thanks BigFatty for the amazing fun and that I won’t be able again to burp without thinking
    of you!

    xo kb

  2. I F***ing new it!!!!!
    I was going to call just for the prize!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Um…that’s knew it.
    I was all worked up,plus it’s Friday night here in the future,and that means adult beverages.

  4. Congrats on the 600 episode. I better get working or you’ll reach me soon!

  5. W/O U & LFC I wouldn’t call people fat – including those who aren’t, I wouldn’t say Meh! I would think nothing of my last meal if it weren’t for your belching recollections. I wouldn’t look twice at trains much less take pictures of them when I travel. I wouldn’t have gone to chat roulette (only once). I wouldn’t do all kinds of things, but thanks to you (& Larry) I do all kinds of stuff now! If I inserted HAVE and changed do to DONE this could be a good eulogy, right.

  6. Congratulations on turning 600…oh wait, that was Vera! LOL

    Happy 600th show!

    I’m thinking of all the gas, it’s no wonder we have a greenhouse effect!!!!

    Someone crack a window!!!!!

    Thank you for the laughs and letting me be part of this great podcasting family BF, the days would seem so boring without you now.

    Take care

    Steve in the UhK

  7. P.S. I always crack up every time you say Tuurrrllletttt 🙂

  8. I like the word Varcano.

  9. I like it when the ending music starts playing.

  10. Too funny….bravo.