BFO604 – House Party

It’s a Full Moon today so lots of craziness for the Fat One to natter about.  Plus there’s new historical information about Horace Vader.  Happy crazy!


  1. good lord, you better start to scrub and groom the boys for the little monkeys at the gaydays 🙂

  2. Subtle is NOT your strong suit.

  3. Dear Gussy! Was the longest, most unbearable opening ever of the BFO? The only thing that got me thru it – medication.

    Today is the full moon? I had no idea. The BFO has become my old, fat Farmer’s Almanac.

    Shove a stick of butter up the Skull’s ***?1?! Big Fatty says the darndest things!!!

  4. Thanks GrayChristian,do you have any othe informative links?