BFO42 – That’s a FAT Ladies Porn Site

BF chats about other podcasts before playing some “Mystery Lane” music…. huh?



  1. You know, you’re right, BF: New listeners should start with this episode because it’s definitely you! Loved your needling of Archerr and Anthony. And “Flipper”! You know, I think I actually saw it in early re-runs, not first run, so at the time my age would have been somewhere between “Bud” and “Sandy”. I remember I had a crush on Sandy and loved that he was shirtless all the time–even though I didn’t yet know WHY I was so fascinated by him. Ah, youth!

  2. Thank you, my most sweet and wonderful lovie.

    Adore you kisses,

  3. Hey, at least Archerr and Anthony had a rough idea what the BFO is all about. Who cares about details?

    Basically, BigTurdsOnline is a whole lot of MEHs and farts and usually always ending in complete ruination done and presented by that old geezer who is too short for his weight and who has this monstrous sea snake called Flipper under his leather skirt and who has this weird infatuation for pre-war telecommunication devices. Big Daddy or something and he is in Texas or Montana, no Idaho, yes Idaho.

    Lol – don’t be mad BigFatty, one of them has CRS and calls himself “Snowballs” and the other is geeky and challenged in so many ways; cute and strangely intelligent, but heavily transformed. That’s probably why we all love them so much.

    I think compared to their usual standards, they were even pretty close 🙂

  4. Oh my gosh! I was laughing so hard during the episode! I can’t believe how many things Anthony and I got wrong about your show! I’m so sorry!

    I don’t watch Make Me A Super Model but that’s wild that my music was on there!

    I didn’t watch Flipper but I knew the music and remember the show.

    March went out like a lion here…cloudy and rainy all day.

  5. Don’t be sorry – I loved it, Archerr – that was the best :)))