BFO692 – Good N Bad

Dear Gussie!  The Fat One has on his orange hat today as blows it out about his phone experience.  But there’s a little good news in the end so enjoy the super nattering!


  1. LOL – thanks for making me laugh on a horrible day (no more ether Honey) – the phone call story is priceless 🙂 Bla bla blaa bla blaa (I nieed that as a ring tone for the i-natter)

    You are the best, sweetie 🙂

  2. Due to unusually large podcast download volume, listening to this show has been put on hold. It will be listened to in the next available time slot. May I have the last 4 digits of your Social Security number please? Press 2 for Mexican…

  3. UGHHH the AT and CrapT makes me so mad!! I will never have an iPhone as long as they’re the only carrier.

  4. Mad as a CUT snake.
    What’s the beef about being on hold? Surely you worked into your time on Manhunt?

  5. Consolidated billing is a nightmare! I had it with VZW and it was always a mess. pooooor big fatty

  6. Seriously, BF, you don’t like the hummus? -RACIST.

  7. It sounds like A Teat & Teat has a public relations nightmare on its hands now that you has exposed the seamy underbelly of their customer service rigamarole. For a moment, I was sure you were going to tell us that they escalated your call all the way up to the corpse of Alexander Graham Bell himself.

  8. now that you HAVE exposed.