BFO47 – I Hear New Voices

Big Fatty kicks off “Non-podcaster Voice Letter Week” with some calls to the bag phone, a visit to the Listener Map and some “Memory Lane” music.


  1. I wonder if any of those listeners listen to my podcast too. I think Freddy is one of my listeners. He sounds hot. hehehe I just love Jerimiah! I’m so jealous that he’s sending you cookies. I don’t know how Mia knows that I’m fatter than you. But she’s probably right.

  2. I DO?!? Now I thought I sounded, uh, GAY!

  3. Another great show and I can’t agree with you more that hearing from listeners are so much fun

    I liked Freddy’s voicemail too!

  4. That first voice-letter was sooo creepy! It gave me the greebles! 😉