BFO746 – Wham Bam Callahan

The Fat One had to load up the Ford Explosion with all the cards and packages sent to the Fat Cave plus there’s a quick weekend update and RUINATION at the end of the LITTLE SHOW.  Happy 500th episode to the Sea Hag.  Today’s art work shows Santa delivering congratulations to Walnut Hills.


  1. One question BigFatty, what does Poodle McNoodle do when there is gentlemen calling at the fat cave?

    Watch the car?

  2. I haven’t listened – because I really do read the comments first to raise the suspense and anxiety (oh, whatever!). Esther is going to be really mad at Santa – pooping all over the Walnut HIlls Residence is her job!

  3. Painful. Just painful.

  4. You numbered this podcast 745 as well as the previous podcast. Rui… Need I say more?