BFO757 – Gazing With the Country Boy

The Fat One traveled to the home of Wes, the Gay Country Boy, for today’s manly episode of The Gaze. A regular show, with complete Chrima details, on Tuesday from the Fat Cave.


  1. […] On today’s little BFO we have the pleasure to listen to the amazingly charming Mr.Wes, the Gay countryboy! Great interview again and especially all the details about the underwear fetish were most intersting. I knew that Wes took part in an underwear constest with great success. What I did not know was, that BigFatty, too contributed a picture of himself with his hottest underwear! […]

  2. I think you need to have the Gay Country Boy on more often to talk about underwear. Maybe a video podcast of him modeling the goods?

  3. What a rovery show. I audjoe sounded fine. I think BF & Wes was doing too many poopers if they were hearing a ringing sound. 😉