BFO764 – Str8 Bob’s Big Announcement

Dear Gussie… the Fat One is all giddy about the big announcement being made on today’s LITTLE SHOW!  Plus it’s a gentleman caller palooza AND some WISHES!


  1. Makes perfect sense to me Hatem. Job well done.
    Thanks for keeping the announcement low key Big Fatty….sounds like you’ve been having quite a few meet and greets yourself!

  2. Oops..I meant m-e-a-t.

  3. It is so nice when the young meet and mingle with the elderly – even at the fat cave (but please, no pictures!!!)

  4. Watching him walking around in his pajamas scratching his balls was worth the 14hr drive in itself Kim.

  5. I think that image would have scarred me for life, especially because he can scratch his knees at the same time.

    You are a very brave man, Bob.