BFO787 – Who’s Gonna Win?

The Fat One announces the winners of both the coupon and #1 fan contests.  Plus there are some voiceletters and a special message from the 2010 #1 Fan.  A regular show tomorrow in your ears also.  Remember to download BOTH!


  1. Horrifying. Poor Julian.

  2. I was wondering where Poodle McNoodle has been – I was just about to call the Department of Social Services. Happy New Year, BFO.

  3. I am SO FUCKING RELIEVED!!!!!!!

  4. 600$? Wow- I need to start collecting coupons too.
    Congratulation to Julian&Joe 🙂 and all the best to GroomerZig, we love you and you are in our hearts and thoughts.

  5. Now Joe in Dallas actually has to listen to each and every little show being the honorable Nr One Fan of the BFO.

    And I must say, great application!

  6. Meh.