BFO796 – Gazing With the Ginger Bear

Big Fatty is at the Horror but it’s a new episode recorded during the Ginger Bear’s visit to the Fat Cave.  In fact, there’s so much to natter about, it takes 2 episodes… so part 2 tomorrow.


  1. In there with bare feet????????? If the Albino knew he would spew bleach 🙁

  2. He who is now a resident of the Chicargoes!!! Wait! The football team is the Chicago BEARS … Coincidence?

  3. There isnt enough bleach and scrub brushes in the known universe!

  4. I hope that Ricky didn’t droole too much or rubbed on the card I sent you. By his voice I feel another rant coming as he’s jealous: not only I didn’t send him scratchers, but Chrima card either.
    Or he’s just not interested in cheapness.