BFO801 – Kitchen Stench

The Fat One natters about Gentlemen Callers, podcasts and other poop before playing some voiceletters.


  1. Almost one hole minute of Lalaaaaalaaaalalaaaalaaauren! Fantastic. But the burp at the beginning of the little show was of a much better quality than yours: exercise.

  2. By not founding out the smell in the microwave, does it mean you haven’t eaten for 3 days?

  3. Let’s emphasize what Scott says: 800 pounds or kilos, or maybe tons… of poop.

  4. Sorry I missed the 801 show fart, I’ve been preoccupied with setting up my new Ginger Bear. We’re getting along just LOVELY. Also, will you be here for the IML?! I hope the answer is YES!

    Whenever I have a mysterious kitchen stench, its usually rotting potatoes. You can smell them a mile away, much like the BIG FAT ONE!! Ohhh how VERA dare me!!

  5. Yay! I made an (uncredited) appearance in the opener as well as a Voiceletter! Can an appearance on The Gaze be far behind? Let’s hope not!