BFO56 – The Bag Phone is now EMPTY!

BF empties the Bag Phone with some UNUSUAL calls and Cartoon Memory Lane music week rides into the sunset.


  1. Not Omie, HOMIE! Go back and listen to Archerr’s show where you tell Nessa she’s a tough girl and can come to my neighborhood and call people “homie.”

    Lord. Nevermind. It’s ruined.

  2. Wes beat me to it, I was going to say he said HOMIE…as in home boy, something like that. I think you have some CRS or you’re just too old to remember things. 🙂

    I can’t say I remember Dudley Doright but I do remember Rocky and Bowinkle…but I don’t think I watched them when they were on. I think I’ve seen that show in reruns or on other shows.

    I hope you get some more voice letters soon!

  3. Gooch and I just finished listening to this show and as you were doing your regular close, Gooch asked….”RNL?” “Does that stand for Rubber ‘N Leather?” I had no answer.

    Meeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhh kisses,
    Vera and Gooch

  4. “Omie” Priceless. I haven’t felt that out of touch in, well, ever! HAHAHA

    Oh shit. I’m still laughing.