BFO817 – Popular Mechanics

The Fat One explains what has been going on all week and offers up some explanations…. one being the Full Moon.  Happy Farewell to Winter (northern hemisphere) Weekend.


  1. I would does he do it? How does this guy get so much ass?
    But, I’ve met BF in person and can understand why people are attracted to him.
    A great human bean.

  2. The twitties without BigFatty would be like a hamburger wirhout the mayonnaise

  3. Big Fatty’s charm, wit and good cheer will be missed on the twitties. Vera will have to find a replacement to call a “TWAT!” … Should we hold auditions?

  4. I have not listened to the show yet!!!!!!!!!! I will listen while I eat my fish sammich and think of my favorite fatty!! Muah!

  5. Okay – Twitters Anonymous hosted by BF. If you stop playing words with friends I will have you know my heart would be broken, my life incomplete, and all that other bad stuff. But I would get over it! Loves ya!!! Meh! Dear GussIe! Poopy! Belch. Sorry, just (throat clearing) getting back to normal!

  6. Tell us who’s interested???

  7. What? You’re the same age as your mother?

  8. I love that you buy your mama silly cards.

    My mama borrowed $ from me 5 days before my b-day & she paid it back on my b-day (not a dime extra. No card … You’re lucky, your mom is lucky, too!!!! Its been a dang long time since she exited your grannIes…….

    Picture that ….
    No – right!! Hey! Missed ya on the other little show! Hope its a tiny bug & not stress!

    Loved when Larry saId its what ya get for eating 7 day old cabbage soup!

  9. O.K. Slackers…..I”LL SAY IT!
    Beans ain’t human.