BFO822 – Off to San Juan, Mexico

The Fat One, Miss Kitty, Granny and Miss Porter are packed and on their way to the aeropuerto (Mexican for aeropuerto) for the trip to San Juan.  Happy Weekend.


  1. Safe travels BigFatty, have fun and don’t sink the ship!

  2. Lol, gre gre gre great voiceletter Guguguguru 🙂

  3. Did you know that the Walmartians are the pretty sisters of the Walnutians?

  4. Awww, shucks Miss Beaver! 🙂

    I Love Lucy? I was surprised Fatty didn’t recognize “Green Tea Break” from the revival of “How To Succeed in Business”…

  5. You’re the only illegal on that boat.

  6. They could drop you back to Mexico on the way.

  7. I sometimes daydream during the shows and have three kids schedules to maintain – is this the trip that ends in Walnut Hills? I sure hope they do a show – they could have their own Eat this hot show & talk about old actors, tv sitcoms of the past – I’d love to hear it – like HEe Haw & Gomer Pyle stuff – oh, sorry bigfatty – just thinking out loud.

    I had the craziest dreams this morning – and then I thought of …. Oh! Forget it, you’re on vacation – never mind me.