BFO823 – A Big Box of Vulgahness

The Big Cruise is in Curacao today but there’s loads (VULGAH!) to report from the weekend.  Happy MONDAY!


  1. Finally you posted Monday’s show! You’re getting lazy during holidays!

  2. So nothing happened yet. That was worth waiting.

  3. One feels old when you put two legs in one trousers hole or you year trousers upside down. It’s the retirement cruise update.

  4. Oh no, HatM posted before me, must be that rotten daylight saving time!!! Meh

  5. Kim – I tried to listen to the show before the show before this one – where you commented that BF & I may be related and my blackberry keeps stopping before I get to the end – no choice but to put it on the iPod to see what you are referring to.

    Anyway, I am cutting BF some slack on his vacation – some people post Monday shows on Tuesdays, after all.

  6. (even when from their recording studios c: )

  7. LATE!!!

  8. When I saw today’s title I thought “Wow! Finally lesbian porn on the Bfo!!”

    Womp womp, who am I kidding 🙁