BFO60 – A Different Kind of Wreck

BF starts the show with the mute button on…. that sets the stage for the next 19 minutes of jabber, voiceletters and “Memory Lane” music.


  1. Love the idea for Short Term Memory Lane Music…that should be just right for me! I did not recognize the music for today. I never saw Dr. Kildare but I have heard the name before.

    The definition of poopalizzy was great. That Kim Beaver is a hoot.

  2. I know there WAS a “Dr. Kildare” programme, but I don’t remember ever seeing it. My sister had a “Dr. Kildare” board game, and my memory of the show is mostly that game (and the photo of the two doctors on the box lid). So, I had absolutely no idea what that music was. I loved the opening of today’s show–Memory Lane of a different sort.