Come On Down!

The Fat One and Miss Wes will be wearing special shirts to the Price is Right today.  Let’s see if we get to Come On Down.  Airdate for this show is TUESDAY, JUNE 7.


  1. Hi Brian,are the leaves turning color in Massachusetts yet? September is my favorite month. I left you a Happy Birthday message on Auntie Vera’s way back on May 23, hope you had a good one. Ciao.

  2. I wonder if there is a comment board at the Fat Cave where his gentleman callers can leave messages (or warnings?)

  3. Um..there’s a Big Fatty Billboard,I can tell you that much.

  4. and a drive through window

  5. Well shiver my timbers, I thought it was live. I will have to re-set the DVR!! I will be on my way home from Tennessee on June 7th. If I get lost, I might be at your place on that day, too. I am geographically challenged.

    Listening to you and Miss Wes – my shredded wheat squares are making their way to the back of my throat.