BFO888 – In Search of Corn Nuts

The Fat One takes it off the tracks today quickly as he talks about TV shows, Vons East, dead seagulls and much, much more.  Happy Orange Blossom Day.


  1. Too good people don’t listen to the Saturday show, they would see that no unicorns & rainbows can be found here today 🙂 Guess it didn’t fit! 😀

  2. No Vegas update? Too bad. 🙁

  3. Hello BF, if you like anything bbq and you like corn nuts, you will love them together.

    Happy Flippin’ Monday before the flying sparks. I love the 4th of Jult – since we are all flooding in the ND’s & SD’s, there should be NO fire danger. Did you know that? We are flooding all over the place? I may skip the plane ride to Vegas and just get me a sail boat.

    Meh! Please wink at Larry for me, he likes it when you do! Toodles!
    (Speaking of Toodles, what does Poodle McNoodle do all day?).

  4. I love the 4th of Jult but I oober LOVE the 4th of JulY.

  5. Wow BF you look great in doinger shorts and a belly shirt.

  6. Damn you Big Fatty. Now I’m craving ranch Corn Nuts.

  7. Did I thank you enough for coming by to my little show discussion group on last Saturday? It was very nice of you. Thank you.