BFO891 – Thunder Boomers

The Fat One has a large variety of things to natter about today including unicorns and moles.  Enjoy the last lay of the first half of 2011.


  1. I don’t understand the Mexican accents. If you didn’t explain that clip I would never understood what it was about. I’ll have to listen again.

  2. Maybe next time I should send a scripture if my voice letter so that you know what I’m speaking. 🙂
    Or maybe I should articulate better.

  3. Sounded like “Uni Lords”

  4. You know that explaining that to colleagues will get them more confused. I’m still confused too.

  5. Are Miss Bacon and Miss Hatty somehow related by any chance? Just wondering 🙂

  6. Like Siamese twins joined at their discombobulation

  7. Unicorns make me horny… and cornnuts are my guilt food… Dear Gussie