Tea with Queen Liz and Podcasters

If you’re interested in joining a group of us for afternoon tea during Gay Days, let Big Fatty know NO LATER THAN MONDAY, MAY 12… and NO, BF will NOT be paying for your nibbles and tea.   Check the prices (tax and gratuity not included) before you accept.  Click the audio player to relive Liz’s audio announcement.


  1. Are there still rooms available in Orlando that weekend? Any recomendations?

  2. you’re FAT.

    and after eating all this, you will be even FATTERRRRRRR.


  3. i’m sorry i’m going to miss high tea sounds like alot of fun but i have to thank you bf for giving me a new word to use at work. woober is a great word nobody at work knows what it is so i go around calling everybody it. you should see the looks i get. it makes me laugh. thanks bf and you are fat sky