BFO910 – 20 Minutes of Stammering

The Fat One gets interrupted in the middle of the LITTLE SHOW today but he returns with excitement, laughter and an “Ask Big Fatty” question.  Happy Humping!


  1. Make it a contest. My contribution would be “cheerios”

  2. KB – Cheerios when I was in school was a nickname we had for – well, sadly we thought ‘Cheerios’ sounded better than ‘Zeroes’. Womp-Womp! I don’t want to be a Cheerio! Well, you are what you eat – but you also vomick up the Cheerios!

    But a contest is a good idea, there’s always so much participation – maybe Live it Up could hand the score cards for theIr little stagnant contest over to BF & some poor chap could win that pot-o-gold before Vegas?!?

  3. The BFO listeners should be called Piggys. Each day we turn in for 20 minutes of wallowing with the Fat One.

  4. Or 10 minutes if listening at double speed!


  5. I think you misread my tweet. I didn’t say the Stompersons stop making noise. They HAVEN’T stopped making noise.

  6. Some would see the new BFO as it got free as a Rip-off and would want a refund.

  7. I’m glad you got my post card Big Fatty!