BFO68 – Trying to Count

Big Fatty is driving the train again… he can’t count, he can’t get the listener map to load and he can’t get away from a scary podcaster’s voiceletter… but there IS some “Memory Lane” music.  Woo Hoo!


  1. Hola El Graso – I loved your Spanish – it was Spanish? Wasn’t it? Because if it was meant to be something else then it was crap 🙂

    It is always a pleasure listening to you – no matter what language you speak 🙂

    PS: Good heavens – that voice mail was brilliant!!!

  2. I insert it….

    Thank you dear one. I always get the damnedest thrill when you include me.

    Ruined kisses,

  3. I did give up my parking space for someone yesterday.

    I loved the Movie The Paper Chase and remember it being a TV show but I never saw it and I don’t remember it being on ShowTime at all. I didn’t recognize the music at all but do remember the movie. Oh well.

    Oooo..loved that message from Taylor. You should watch out for him!

  4. Funny show at the expense of the Latte Boy.

  5. The voicemail was hilarious! I don’t know if I did anything nice that was random. I suck!

  6. I don’t know if you intended the story about George to be funny, but I gawhuffed when you talked about laying on the grass.

    Thanks for the reminder about mother’s day. I guess I’ll have to run by CVS tonight and pick up a 99 cent card that really means something.