BFO956 – Absolutely No Exercise

The Fat One has a nose update, voiceletters and an “Ask Big Fatty” crammed into today’s 20 minutes.  Happy National Linguini Day.


  1. I still think some of my brown skin would look lovely on your nose!!!!

  2. I am still at work!! Where is the little show? The new one?? Serious question about the show title … Has BigFatty actually exercised since Forrest Gump or since giving uyp that paper route in Grad School!?! Oh, big fatty. I want to go home! Fiscal year end doncha know?!?!

  3. You know that by no exercise she meant no Gentleman callers – bummer!

  4. Under exercise she means no gentlemen callers this week. Not hand use either!

  5. oh! I see Kim said the same thing! I should shut up and read first the comments. No.

  6. Just thought of rimming and half of the nose sticking of the hole… or is that a M. J. nose falling adventure? Vulgah!