BFO957 – Healing Time

The Fat One didn’t go to the Coal Mine today and gives you the reasons why.  Plus tomorrow starts birthday month for several former podcasters and there’s even time for an “Ask Big Fatty.”  Happy final Friday for Septembre.


  1. Still @ work. Going on 19 hours. Sick to my stomach!! Hands killing me.

  2. So glad to hear that the nose is healing. I have never seen more tattoes (or dick) than last Sunday at Folsom!!!!! Dear Gussie!

  3. Get well BF. Keep up the positive attitude. You’re in our thoughts!

  4. Good you only told us now you didn’t shower whole week long,cause we would be would have been throwing up all week long from the stinkyness. No wonder they told you to stay home, they still need the Vader at work this week.