BFO967 – Sponsored by Moose P.

Today’s show made possible by Moose P. since he pretty much supplied the content.  But do you really give a cluck?  Do ya?  Happy Weekend!


  1. Great intro!

  2. LOL – there is a bit of BigVera in all of us obviously 🙂

  3. Have not listened.

    Going to listen.

    I said yesterday I am happy I don’t have a noose, I might have used it this week. I will leave it at that! Thank the hands of time this day will pass and I will have an entire weekend at home with no travels or company or overtime.

  4. I think you should use this introduction on the last Friday of the month! Isn’t that an original idea?!!!!!

  5. Why didn’t you tell us about your new ad? Good luck with it!