BFO987 – No Exception

The Fat One can’t give Larry the Veteran a free bloomin’ onion but he does tell you everywhere that has something free.  Plus there are lots of other surprises too.  Happy 11-11-11.


  1. I am so happy that Mme Bacon has delurked 🙂
    There is no moon like the Beaver moon!

  2. Where can veterans get free blow jobs? It seems all these companies insist on stuffing mouths.

  3. I don’t know if you’re doing in conscientiously but some days ago when the baconheads said they would be lurking, you threatened us to stop posting shows on December first. At first I thought well, I’m sure that fall on a Saturday or Sunday and there wouldn’t be a show anyway, but now I have made some calculations and it seems to me that December 1 is a Thursday, that makes episode 1000 on Wednesday… so ruination for the baconheads! And joy for us not to have to listen until episode 300000000 in our grave.

  4. If the Dairy Fairy doesn’t jump out of a cake on show 1000 I’ll be disapointed

  5. Baconheads???? Careful muchacho! :/