BFO1018 – Chrima Memory Lane

REPOSTED with better sound (the music is no longer too loud).

Merry Chrima! The Fat One has his 2011 giftette for you today with stories and music from the Fat One’s childhood. Hope the Fat Man was good to you. Ooopsie… BF forgot to announce the contest. Oh well, maybe on Boxing Day.


  1. Merry Chrima! Thanks for a great six months. Can’t believe I just learned about BFO in 2011!

  2. Count your blessings George!! HArrrraahHhhahahahha…bwwaaahhahhahha.

  3. You know you love it! The forces of the Dark Lurker can’t hold you forever. You will be rescued Princess Bacon!

  4. Is this the “Archer Memorial Your Music Is Too Loud Show”???
    Where is Daniel Soundwizard Beaver when you need him.
    Dear Gussie!

  5. Thanks Boyfriend.

  6. I agree with Georgie in Atlanta – and here is why:

  7. Kim Beaver Strikes Again! Brilliant! She will be rescued!