BFO75 – Diamond Show

Big Fatty is back to his regular trainwreck today for the DIAMOND episode which includes voiceletters from 2 attorneys… YIKES.


  1. Big Fatty – you re simply the best 🙂

  2. Congrats on the 75th show!

    The lawyers are always out to make a buck. Keep fighting them. They’ll never get your money. 🙂

    The conclusion you came to in your 30s was about you deciding you didn’t need a partner in your life.

    Once again, I did not recognize those shows at all. I know how Alex Trebek is of course but didn’t know anything about those shows. If you had played the Jeopardy theme, I would have gotten it right away….like everyone else.

  3. Happy 75th Fatty. You don’t look a day over 77. I see you more as a “pearls and lace” kind of guy though…

    I believe his name is pronounced “Al-lick”…no “x”!

  4. Con-fat-u-lations on your diamond show! Sending some love your way…

  5. good lord, kim and you will rotten forever behind bars – let’ s hope that wig of yours will stay in place when you bend over 🙂

  6. Re: the pearls and diamonds accessories. Don’t for get your camisole, you might catch a cold.

  7. Congrats on the Diamonique episode. Yeah, I noticed they weren’t real. Someone definitely upped your medications on this episode. But that’s okay. I still think you’re simply the best.